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Autoimmune Angels is a functional medicine and diagnostic nutrition clinic for individuals of all ages struggling with an autoimmune disease or chronic illness.

Our program helps you build a better understanding of autoimmune diseases and provides you with a treatment plan designed to heal from the inside out (not just treat the symptoms).

Autoimmune Angels upholds the values of the Catholic Medical Association.

The Founder & Practitioner

Debbie’s journey began in 2008 when she was diagnosed with Graves’ disease.  At that time, the doctor recommended three options: radiation, surgically removing her thyroid, or suppressing the immune system with pharmaceutical therapy.  She was not interested in any of these options. She asked what else she could do. After much hesitation, Debbie could try a change in lifestyle.

Debbie’s doctor did not have studies that backed this option, but he had read some research that said it could work.  Debbie told him that he was going to try this approach and he agreed that she could, provided he closely monitor her thyroid function.  It was that day Debbie began her personal journey to find answers with nutrition. Her genetics were stacked up against her, and her family history of autoimmune disease did not bode well for her predicted outcome.  Everyone thought she was crazy for turning to nutrition, but Debbie wanted to be the exception!

Debbie spend several months studying the immune system ant it’s connection to nutrition.  Throughout this process, she never lost faith that God would her find the answers. In 2010, Debbie’s blood results were normal.  Absolutely no signs of Graves’ disease. Needless to say, Debbie’s doctor was very impressed with her results. She was thrilled and thought she had overcome her health issues forever.  She thought she beat the odds.

Unfortunately, Debbie learned that she had only calmed down the immune system temporarily with her diet change.  In 2012, she was diagnosed with Celiac disease. Debbie was devastated, but once again she began working through lifestyle.  This time also studying the effects of microorganisms in the body. She went back to school and received her degree in functional medicine and integrative nutrition in addition to her BS in nutrition science.  Debbie finally discovered the root cause of all her symptoms. She began running labs and finding a combination of bacterial imbalances that led to gut dysbiosis and infections within the body that were causing her autoimmunity.  

Today, Debbie is free of autoimmunity!

Debbie founded Autoimmune Angels because she experienced complete healing through the practices of Functional Medicine.  She is here to say that there is hope!

Debbie O'Meara