The Hidden Dilemma Behind the Mean, the Bad, and the Ugly

by in Education January 31, 2019

One of the key components of a healthy body is maintaining a healthy gut.  To accomplish this, the gut needs to reside within an environment free of intestinal plaque or better known as biofilm.  

Biofilm is a sticky substance that is made by bacteria, parasites, fungi or other bad living microscopic organisms.  This film is a tough substance that the organisms will create from foods ingested, primarily a combination of proteins and sugars – to ensure their survival from “attacks” from the immune system or even some of the strongest natural and chemical medications that would potentially kill them off.  This resistance overtime can lead to a multitude of problems such as:

  1. Heartburn
  2. Chronic fatigue
  3. Fibromyalgia
  4. IBS, Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease

The microscopic organisms will poke holes within the healthy mucosal lining to build this sticky matrix.  The mucosal lining is a healthy lining created by beneficial microflora. This lining allows the passage of nutrients through the intestinal wall and is moist, lubricating, and anti-inflammatory.  

When “bad” micro-organisms are allowed to over populate for various reasons, they seek to find a safe biological home within the body.  Once this is accomplished, they can reside for many years within the body hiding from the immune system. They have the potential to penetrate as deep as 3-4 layers thick to stay hidden.  

The immune system will begin insulting the body’s own healthy lining and/or tissue because it does not see the bad microorganisms within the biofilm This can also cause the immune system to become very sensitive to many things including food.  When an individual develops food sensitivities and that particular food item is ingested, the immune system will release inflammation throughout the body that can create symptoms such as headaches, brain fog, upset stomach, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or even joint pain several days following.  People many times will resort to elimination diets to feel better. This will work for a little while until the immune system begins fighting new items and sooner than later it becomes a vicious cycle with no hope in sight. Malnutrition and lack of certain vitamins and minerals now become the norm for so many.  People then turn to supplementation to make up for the deficiency. As the mucosal lining becomes more destroyed by bad biofilm, digestion worsens as well as absorption of nutrients through the intestinal wall. People begin lacking in the proper digestive enzymes as the body walls become more destroyed causing further malabsorption.

I encourage individuals who are suffering from chronic health complaints to seek out a health professional with experience in Functional Medicine to begin finding the root cause of biofilm, start the process of breaking it down, and killing the microorganisms that are responsible for the immune system overstimulation.


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